Living at Bickenhall

Living at Bickenhall

Bike Rack / Vault Rental

Bike Racks / Vault Rental Bike Racks Bicycle racks are behind Block 5 on the south side (accessible from the car park) and available on a first come first served basis. The bicycle racks can be hired for an annual fee of £120.00 for under cover racks and £80.00 for uncovered racks (the charge will [...]

Unacceptable Behaviour Policy Statement

  UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR POLICY STATEMENT Bickenhall Mansions Management Limited is committed to providing a fair, consistent and accessible service for all leaseholders. However, the directors must also provide a safe working environment for their staff and ensure work is undertaken in an efficient and effective manner. We believe that leaseholders have the right to be […]

Dealing with a Leak

Dealing with a leak Dealing with a leak Buildings Insurance is about making good the damage suffered. It is not an opportunity to refurbish your apartment at a cost to the buildings insurance and it is not intended to provide betterment and make things better than they were previously. For peace of mind, please consider [...]

Lease Extensions / Buying a Freehold Share

Lease Extensions If you do not own a freehold share but would like to, or if you are interested in extending your lease, our guide may prove helpful.

Selling Your Property

Consent is required by the Freehold Company (BFL) prior to the sale of your lease. Bickenhall Mansions is a prestigious residential block comprising of 224 apartments.

Letting Your Property

All sub-lets are subject to an ‘Application to Sublet’ that must be provided to the office prior to any new tenants moving in. The application form must be approved by BFL prior to consent being given for your flat to be let.

Landlord Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to set out the general principles to be followed by any lessee(s) who wish(es) to undertake alterations to their flat and to set out common standards of workmanship, materials and manner of working that must be followed when employing contractors.

Undertaking works at your property

Should you wish to undertake works to your property at Bickenhall, no matter how minor, you must apply for the necessary permit or licence depending on the level of works to ensure compliance with the Landlords Regulations.

Residents Handbook

This handbook has been produced to provide assistance and guidance to all Leaseholders and Residents of Bickenhall Mansions.