*FINAL* Intercom Install Dates – 22nd Feb to 7th March

This event has ended

Dear Residents,

There are still a number of flats that have not yet responded to book in their intercom install date. Time is running out so please act fast to avoid additional cost and inconvenience to yourself if you miss the deadline.

A reminder of the details is below:

Collins have advised us that there are a small number of intercoms left to install across various blocks and that these will be done over a 10 day period between Wednesday 22nd February and Tuesday 7th March (Monday to Friday only) between the hours of 8am and 5pm at hourly intervals.

At the same time they will be installing the wireless detector for the fire alarm system, by your flat door.

If you are one of the flats left that have not yet had their new intercom system installed please contact the management office via info@BickenhallMansions.co.uk to book in your hourly time slot between the 22nd Feb and 7th March.

Collins have advised that this will be the last set of install dates available to have your new intercom fitted free of charge. Anyone that is not able to meet one of these dates will need to make their own arrangements with TSF to install the unit at their own cost.

Therefore, please act quickly to avoid disappointment.

Yours Sincerely,
Mike McRoberts
Building Manager.